Oklahoma Oil & Gas Expo Program

Project Goals

In 2021, I was hired by OERB to polish up their existing Oklahoma Oil & Natural Gas Expo Program. To update the program for this yearly event, I created a more modern look and feel, implemented some order and consistency throughout with folios, updated typefaces, and consistent sizes for sponsorship advertisements — overall I cleaned up and tightened up the existing design, so that moving forward there was a template with specific guidelines.

This 52-page project involved some strategy: translating and organizing a large amount of data into a design that is uncluttered is a feat, and additionally, I had to plan and map out the placement of sponsor’s ads amongst the listings in what felt like a game of graphic design Tetris. Each sponsorship level reflects a different ad size, (full page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page, and 1/8 page) so making sure they fit together seamlessly was part of the challenge of making sure this program had structure and looked professional.

Designing large lists and advertisements is what I did for years when I freelanced in designing yearbooks, and for me, it’s so fun to tackle. The project itself was rewarding — it’s great to update something and make it feel polished, and from what I’m told, OERB’s expo was a successful one — when my clients win, I feel like I win too.

services included:
LH - Corporate Graphic Designer, OK

Event Booklet

Design Strategy

LH Graphic Designer

Corporate Design

"Lexi Hoebing recently undertook the task of creating the event booklet for the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, and I am compelled to express my utmost satisfaction with her exceptional work."


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