NACS PAC 2021 Email Campaign

Project Goals

The goal of this email campaign was to educate their eligible audience about the issues facing convenience stores and NACS members. The idea behind the campaign was to illustrate “a week in a convenience store.” We wanted to highlight particular issues through the lens of the customer’s journey and their interactions with a convenience store during a typical workweek, when consumers rely on convenience stores daily — from driving to a store, filling up with gas, shopping, and paying — each of these messages illustrate important aspects of convenience stores, and additionally, parts of each illustration correlate to a specific issue that’s important to NACS.

The illustrated portions of the emails were designed as a large image that spanned the entire “landscape” of a convenience store — from scenes inside the store, to the exterior of the store.

This project would not have been possible without my team made up of copywriters and production staff. We landed on this design by thinking of a “tapestry” of images that would tell the entire story, and be able to be separated into multiple emails. The goal we had in mind really was to illustrate a story but to also find a new way to talk about policy issues. For NACS members (convenience store owners, operators, and distributors), customers are what keeps a business alive , and convenience stores are what consumers rely on throughout the week to get what they need, quickly.

This was a series of 5 emails, distributed to over 3,500 people. After email distribution, the main graphic portion of this email campaign was scaled and applied as a trade show booth graphic in Las Vegas, NV. Photos of the trade show wall signage are below. This is a great example of a digital design with multiple applications, and it was used digitally and in real life.

services included:
LH - Corporate Graphic Designer, OK

Email marketing campaign

Corporate Graphic Design

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