Daffodil Hill

Project Goals

Years ago when I was just starting out, Daffodil Hill trusted me to design a logo and build their very first website. Since that time, they have done so well as one of the prettiest and most intimate little garden wedding venues around the metro.

Since I’ve learned a lot in the years since I delivered to them their first logo, I decided my 2020 quarantine time was the perfect time to look over my work, revamp their old logo and provide them with assets that would elevate and modernize their delicate, floral-inspired look. I added to the lineup a few different outlined versions of their main logo (I originally delivered a compressed file that had no stacked layers for editing with no transparent background — yikes!! but, you learn) a sub mark for a different, modern look, a text logo for different design applications, and a daffodil icon to keep everything feeling floral, delicate and whimsical.

I have so enjoyed working with Ginnifer and Jessica over the years and seeing their success with this wedding venue — and now their brand is stronger than ever!

services included:
LH - Corporate Graphic Designer, OK

Brand Design

Brand Guidelines

LH Graphic Designer

Logo Design

"Lexi's work on our logo and brand design for Daffodil Hill was nothing short of transformative. From the moment we engaged her services, it was clear that Lexi possesses a rare combination of artistic flair, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of brand identity."

Ginnifer and Jessica

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