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LH - Corporate Graphic Designer, OK
Lexi Hoebing, Corporate Graphic Designer, Oklahoma
LH - Corporate Graphic Designer, OK
LH - Corporate Graphic Designer, OK

Creating a cohesive brand that reflects your vision and professionalism can be confusing and time-consuming…

It doesn’t have to be ↓

Has the corporate graphic design work been pushed to you? (not because you’re a design expert, but because you’re in the comms department.)
Are your marketing efforts falling flat and you’re struggling to stand out against competitors?
Do you need someone who can jump right in and take the simple graphic design tasks off your plate?
Are the visual elements of your brand looking more haphazard than polished?

Corporate Graphic Design & Branding Services

Trusted, Expert Design Services

Mas Vintage, Logo Design

The Brand & Website Experience

Differentiate your brand and attract customers to YOU through a cohesive brand identity.

Branding goes beyond a pretty logo. It will transform your message, vision, and values into a powerful visual representation that gives you confidence and enhances the value perception of your product.

Deep-rooted in strategy, we’ll craft a strategic brand and website from the ground up. This crucial foundational element will position you as the solution to customers’ needs.

Oklahoma Petroleum Alliance Annual Meeting, Supplemental Design Support

Supplemental Design Support

Boost your marketing impact and sales through cohesive and memorable design pieces.

Free up time by delegating to an expert who will seamlessly transform your brand guidelines into powerful graphics and promotional content.

From high-level corporate deliverables like annual reports, mailers, and proposals, to social media graphics, and pamphlets your designs will be instantly recognizable and create results.

The neutral Salon, Website design and SEO, Lexi Hoebing, Corporate Graphic Designer

SEO & Blogging Support

SEO audits and power hours for creatives and bloggers to increase search engine traffic and grow their brands organically.

Understand the basics of SEO, what it is, and why it’s important for your site’s online visibility through DIY learning or done-with-you sessions.

Intensive sessions are perfect for businesses that need help creating an SEO strategy and identifying high-ranking keywords that increase eyes on your content and services.

✓ Simplify & Save Time | ✓ Achieve Brand Cohesiveness | ✓ Engage Your Audience

I’m Lexi!

An award-winning corporate graphic designer, photographer, and branding expert based in Oklahoma City.

I understand the complexities of using visual communications to attract customers to YOU. And more deeply – how to use the psychology of perception to influence your branding and design choices.

With over 5 years of experience designing communications for Fortune 500 & 100 companies and a passion for what others would call the “boring” parts, my superpower is taking your mundane design tasks and turning them into effective communications that get results.

Lexi Hoebing, Freelance Corporate Graphic Designer, Oklahoma City


View my Portfolio

AmeriChem PAC 2019 Annual Report

AmeriChem PAC 2019 Annual Report

Designed in 2020, AmeriChem PAC’s 2019 Annual Report is a yearly report we put together to highlight the previous year’s initiatives and financials for the PAC’s members and board. The general theme for the year was the periodic table of elements — so I took the idea...

Oklahoma Association of Neonatal Therapists

Oklahoma Association of Neonatal Therapists

Oklahoma Association of Neonatal and Pediatric Therapists (OANAPT) hired me to create a logo and brand that would create awareness and recognition within their community of care professionals and would update their look to feel more professional. This organization...

NACS PAC 2021 Email Campaign

NACS PAC 2021 Email Campaign

The goal of this email campaign was to educate their eligible audience about the issues facing convenience stores and NACS members. The idea behind the campaign was to illustrate “a week in a convenience store.”

Daffodil Hill

Daffodil Hill

Years ago when I was just starting out, Daffodil Hill trusted me to design a logo and build their very first website. Since that time, they have done so well as one of the prettiest and most intimate little garden wedding venues around the metro. Since I’ve learned a...

Centralize your graphic needs with a trusted expert

1. Contact Me

Complete this form and let me know about the project you need help with.

We’ll then either jump on a call or dive straight in (no long-winded onboarding process here).

2. Onboarding & Design

Starting with a deep dive into your goals, vision, and needs we’ll build a visual strategy that ensures your brand isn’t just beautiful but makes the desired impact.​

Take a step back while I get to work and create your brand or design elements

3. Delivery and Results

I deliver you a powerful visual identity or branded graphics that complement your goals.

Put your polished brand and visuals to work and increase marketing and sales results.

I know your space

Lexi Hoebing, Graphic Designer OK

" She can see your vision for any project and get it back to you in a timely manner"

I've worked with Lexi on numerous projects and she has helped my own workload and day-to-day responsibilities tremendously. I am able to rely on her creative skills to come up with the design idea and produce it. I would recommend Lexi to anyone in need of a dedicated graphic designer.

— Katie Dorsey, OERB Asst. Director of Communications

Lexi Hoebing, Graphic Designer OK

"High quality out of the box designs"

Working with lexi has been AMAZING! She always delivers high quality out of the box designs while maintaining our branding standards.

We highly recommend Lexi and will definitely be working together again in the near future. 

- Lisa Schwarz, Director of Education, OERB

Lexi Hoebing, Graphic Designer OK

"It’s always great to work with her and watch her make your vision come to life!"

Lexi’s done all the design for my salon’s logo, branding, and website including launching aa new brand when we did a name change. She always seems to bring my “chicken scratch notes and Pinterest boards together seamlessly and better than I could even imagine. 

- Justy Stewart, Owner/Stylist, The Neutral Salon